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Training Through Predictive Intelligence
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About Us

Wumbus Identity...

At Wumbus Corporation, we provide the training industry with broadest portfolio of offerings. We develop, produce and provide products, resources, technologies and services that are accurate, relevant and dynamic and that stimulate, enhance, educate and equip personal growth with our clients, vendors, suppliers and staff. We help organizations deploy educational resources that are smart, strategic and find better ways to work. It is our intent to constantly lead with innovative technologies, products and solutions that customers can depend upon to improve business results.

Wumbus`s service and expertise is unmatched and includes helping businesses develop training methods by analyzing how employees can most efficiently share knowledge and experience in the work environment.

Our Corporate headquarters are located in Las Vegas, Nevada; however, we supply customers Nationwide, with the world's largest library of training programs.

The company`s operations are guided by the will to become a paramount organization in conduct; directed by a will to honor moral and ethical standards. We are centered on the customer and core values that embrace social responsibility, diversity and quality while also being augmented with a passion for innovation, speed and adaptability.

Wumbus Business...

The company`s strategic focus is on four important markets: corporate training products and services, custom corporate productions, program rentals and television. Two unifying themes cross all areas and play to Wumbus`s core strengths: understanding the clients needs, and the ability to provide solutions that are professionally tailored to devices, technologies and methods of delivery to solve the customer`s request.

Wumbus History...

On October 31, 2001, the nation`s largest distributor of training products and services saw the departure of their most influential member of management whose leadership skills and tenacity were responsible for the organization`s record growth in sales, employees and corporate culture.

While maintaining a zeal for the opportunity provided by the corporate training markets to impact the lives, minds and people`s future with educational resources. Wumbus Corporation was founded in January 2002. The drive and desire to develop an organization WHERE highly talented and skilled production personnel would be joined together with knowledgeable and experienced trainers to provide training products and services that are accurate, relevant and dynamic.

Year after year sales continue to climb at an alarming rate as Wumbus Corporation expands its reach into new found markets and solidifies itself as the single source and choice for training products, services and television production.

Wumbus Diversity...

Wumbus has had a long-standing commitment to maintaining an inclusive, progressive workplace environment that values all ways of thinking, cultural differences and new perspectives. Wumbus views diversity in the workplace as a moral imperative and a business and competitive advantage. People of all ages and from different backgrounds bring fresh perspectives and create innovative solutions.

Diversity practices are deployed throughout all core operations. Under the company`s balanced work force strategy, senior managers are expected to proactively manage diversity objectives through staffing, retention, promotions, leadership development and work environment initiatives.

Wumbus Work-Life...

Wumbus is committed to helping employees balance the demands of their professional and personal lives, in the belief that such balance helps employees to be more satisfied and productive on the job. Wumbus offers a variety of alternative work arrangements and benefits including flex hours, job sharing and telecommuting.

Wumbus Community Involvement...

Wumbus`s social responsibility efforts are an extension of the company`s belief that a successful corporation must be an active participant in society. The company carries out most of its philanthropy through generous donations of time and financial assistance to programs and services that improve societies around the world. Wumbus Corporation employees collectively and independently work on specific community projects of their choosing.

Wumbus Corporate Governance...

Wumbus aims to become a paramount organization in conduct; directed by a will to honor moral and ethical standards. Employees are encouraged to be a role model in ethical behavior and business practices, nurturing a culture of integrity, openness and inclusion.

Wumbus employees nationwide receive frequent training on how to apply the company`s Code of Conduct to their everyday work activities. In addition, the Wumbus management staff is independently trained to offer, help and assist employees who seek an opportunity for guidance and raise issues concerning business standards and ethics.